Bryan Atkinson







Bryan has been a joy to work with. He is a fun collaborator, who communicates clearly, gets his work done on time, commands a broad range of styles, and takes direction and feedback well. Bryan is a gifted storyteller, whose music is wonderful, holding its own against many household name film and game scores.

—Eric Goetz, Head of Content, Novel Effect

Bryan is amazing to work with! He provides quality, professional work with incredibly realistic sound tracks that completely captivate the audience. You will not be disappointed by hiring Bryan to score your film!”

—Luke Hilton, HaYovel – “Joshua and Caleb Report, Stories from the Heartland of Israel”

Bryan composed and produced the score for “Sidekick High” and “door" games. It is Bryan’s absolute reliability and punctuality that impressed us the most. He immediately understood the visions we had and turned them into music which immensely contributed to the games’ atmosphere. 

-Jonas Fisch, “Sidekick High” “Door”

“Bryan’s music score for our film, ‘Journey to Redemption,’ masterfully carries viewers along an emotion ride. Bryan delivered on a tight deadline and was a joy to work with.”

–Mario Mattei, “A Journey to Redemption” (